Shadowbane: On e-readers everywhere next month

My next novel SHADOWBANE (slated for a September 6 release, if Amazon is to be believed) is an e-book only release. If you see it listed on Barnes and Noble or Amazon as “unavailable,” you’re probably looking at the Mass Market Paperback. There are no plans to produce such a thing at this time, though who knows in the future?

If you want to continue reading the story that my last book DOWNSHADOW began, then grab an e-reader and get ready, because Kalen Dren, Champion of a Dead God, is about to rock your fantasy world.

Amazon Kindle:

Barnes and Noble Nook:

Here’s the WotC product page about it (this says an October release date):

Here’s the sample chapter for Shadowbane:

Erik Scott de Bie


About Erik Scott de Bie

Erik Scott de Bie is a 30-something writer, dealing mostly in fantasy and other speculative fiction. He is perhaps best known for his work in the panoramic Forgotten Realms setting (GHOSTWALKER, DEPTHS OF MADNESS, and the SHADOWBANE series), as well as the WORLD OF RUIN series (SHADOW OF THE WINTER KING [out now!], SHIELD OF THE SUMMER PRINCE [forthcoming!]), as well as the standalone novel SCOURGE OF THE REALM. He moonlights as a game designer (NEVERWINTER, GLOOMWROUGHT, BAD MOON RISING) and comic book scribe (JUSTICE/VENGEANCE). He lives in Seattle with his wife, cats, and dog.
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