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Sensible, Fashionable, Protective: Women in Practical Armor

The pre-dawn light flickers across the battle field. The armies line up for titanic conflict. The bold elf commander steps out in front of her troops, raising her [..]

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World of Ruin: On Race and Privilege

Thoughts about ethnicity in the World of Ruin, setting of my novel SHADOW OF THE WINTER KING, its sequel SHIELD OF THE SUMMER PRINCE, and “King’s Shield,” my WOMEN IN PRACTICAL ARMOR story. Read more »

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de Bie Quest 2015: GenCon Schedule

Where can you find me at GenCon this year? I have a couple panels with the Writer’s Symposium, I’m running a couple of games, and I’ll be at [..]

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Writing Alert: On Attribution

Writing Alert! “How do I write dialogue?” he queried expectantly.
(Hint: Not like that!) Read more »

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Black Widow Movie outline

I did something similar to this with my basic outline for a Captain Marvel movie. So here’s my basic Black Widow movie pitch.* Black Widow is tracking a [..]

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Donate, Help, Be in a Story!

Want to see your name in print? And help your fellow humans in need? My wife is heading to Africa in July to build houses for the homeless, [..]

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A Word about Whedon

So there’s been a lot of discussion online about Joss Whedon, the Avengers’ treatment of Black Widow, Twitter, etc. I’m not going to get into that, as there’s [..]

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Writing = Writing the Other

Writing is hard. And writers are all just people, with our varied perspectives, strengths, weaknesses, accomplishments and shortcomings. Some of us are interested in writing characters radically different [..]

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GenCon 2015!

I just bought one of the increasingly steep coveted badges for GenCon 2015, so I will be there, come hell or high water, wrath or ruin! A few [..]

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Blog Odyssey: Under an Enchanted Skyline

Hail, fair readers! Recently, I contributed my story “Eye for an Eye” to the Under an Enchanted Skyline boxed set (8 urban fantasy stories for $0.99! What a [..]

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