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Shadow of the Winter King: WINTER IS COMING

To add a few extra words to the classic words of House Stark: (Shadow of the) WINTER (King) IS COMING. The epic full-metal-fantasy series I’ve been crafting for [..]

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Open Call: Pinups of Justice/Vengeance

Submit your pin-up art to my Open Call for Justice/Vengeance art! Read more »

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Crossing the Streams 2014

It’s Crossing the Streams 2014, a chance to win free books from your favorite authors! You can’t pass this up! :) Read more »

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40 Years of D&D, 20 Years of Writing

D&D was pivotal in my birth and development as a writer. Here’s how! Read more »

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Updated Cast of Justice/Vengeance

Go check out my updated cast of the Heroes and Villains of Justice/Vengeance!

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CAPTAIN MARVEL movie outline

So if I were a screenwriter scripting a CAPTAIN MARVEL movie, this is how I’d do it. Feel free to borrow any of this, which is absolutely free. [..]

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“Incubus Nickel,” COINS OF CHAOS

The subject story is coming out soon (October 15, just in time for Halloween) and ready to scare your knickers off! Purchase Links: Amazon, EDGE SFF Publishing, Barnes [..]

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Twelve Reasons Why I, a Boy, love Captain Marvel, and So Can You

Inspired by CarolCon this past weekend, I wanted to share with you, good readers, a tribute to my favorite Marvel superhero, Ms. Marvel. (With photographic evidence, of course.) Read more »

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Depicting “Warrior Women”

The subject of “warrior women” has been so prevalent these last few days (with the notable SFWA scandal and its resulting explosions), I thought I’d offer my take [..]

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Music and Writing

I’ve spoken on this topic at length before, but basically, I listen to a lot of sometimes very eclectic (but often rock of some kind) music as I [..]

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