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Sensible, Fashionable, Protective: Women in Practical Armor

The pre-dawn light flickers across the battle field. The armies line up for titanic conflict. The bold elf commander steps out in front of her troops, raising her [..]

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de Bie Quest 2015: GenCon Schedule

Where can you find me at GenCon this year? I have a couple panels with the Writer’s Symposium, I’m running a couple of games, and I’ll be at [..]

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Writing = Writing the Other

Writing is hard. And writers are all just people, with our varied perspectives, strengths, weaknesses, accomplishments and shortcomings. Some of us are interested in writing characters radically different [..]

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Comic Book Diversity: LET’S DO IT!

It’s audacious. It’s daring. It’s controversial. It’s the right thing to do. Art is a reflection of our world. As we enter a more multicultural world, our art [..]

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Open Call: Pinups of Justice/Vengeance

Submit your pin-up art to my Open Call for Justice/Vengeance art! Read more »

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Updated Cast of Justice/Vengeance

Go check out my updated cast of the Heroes and Villains of Justice/Vengeance!

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Twelve Reasons Why I, a Boy, love Captain Marvel, and So Can You

Inspired by CarolCon this past weekend, I wanted to share with you, good readers, a tribute to my favorite Marvel superhero, Ms. Marvel. (With photographic evidence, of course.) Read more »

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Depicting “Warrior Women”

The subject of “warrior women” has been so prevalent these last few days (with the notable SFWA scandal and its resulting explosions), I thought I’d offer my take [..]

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Fan Letter from the Distant Past

A fan letter about GHOSTWALKER from two years ago, kept hidden by fate, finally answered! Read more »

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Candlekeep Presents: 25 Years of the Forgotten Realms (Seminar 2012 Summary)

A summary of the events of the Candlekeep Seminar at GenCon 2012! Read more »

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