Here’s my working bibliography, with purchase links as appropriate.

Justice/Vengeance and Cobalt City

Libations for the Dead, volume one of the Justice/Vengeance series, DefCon One Publishing, April 2023.

Having faked her death to escape the mistakes of her past, Vivienne “Lady Vengeance” Cain only wants to drink away her demons and be left alone… until the kid wanders into her bar with questions.

Forthcoming books in this series:

Girl Vengeance: the Downward Spiral (prequel), Public Enemy (volume 2), Fallen Angel (volume 3)

Femmes Fatale, DefCon One Publishing, November 2022.

Vivienne Cain and Ruby Killingsworth will need every ounce of knowledge, skill, magic, and trust they can conjure to save Cobalt City, the world, and each other. Coauthored with Amanda Ratchford Cherry.

e4e-promo-good.jpgEye for an Eye: A Cobalt City and Lady Vengeance Crossover, DefConOne Publishing, October 2018. (First time in print!) Amazon.
When Stardust met Lady Vengeance, with a deranged vigilante out for her blood and plenty of collateral damage! Is Cobalt City’s flashiest, noblest superhero prepared for the chaos everyone’s favorite badgirl superhero(?) will bring to his city and his life?


“Baggage,” Shadowed Souls, Roc, November 2016. Audible, Kindle, Paperback
Vivienne Cain–once the controversial superhero Lady Vengeance–doesn’t make a lot of friends, not with the demons that pursue her constantly. Here’s why.
(I like to think that’s Lady Vengeance on the cover.)


“Queen of Demons,” Monster Hunter: The Good Fight, Emby Press, June 2015.
A demon wanders into Vivienne Cain’s bar, bent on revenge and mayhem. Must be Tuesday.

“The Curse of the Bambino,” This Mutant Life: Bad Company, Kalamity Press, October 2013.
Lady Vengeance has two rules: 1) Never get involved with a stripper. 2) Particularly if she has luck powers.

“Angels of Mercy,” Triumph over Tragedy, Terrene Press, January 2013. (Amazon)
A chance encounter in a bar goes from bad to worse, and thousands of lives are on the line. Can Lady Vengeance and A-Girl rise to the challenge?

“Funhouse,” Cobalt City: Dark Carnival, Timid Pirate, October 2011.
Stardust must defend his children from the predations of a malevolent circus, culminating in a showdown with his greatest foe: himself.

“Vengeance on the Layover,” Cobalt City Timeslip, Timid Pirate, October 2010.
Lady Vengeance has been up for almost 24 hours on a plane. She needs a drink. And maybe to pound a supervillain.

We are the Champions, DefCon One Publishing, April 2023.

At the national fencing championship, Yumi Kujikawa has to balance the ethics of competing as a superpowered individual, the ghost haunting her, her cursed ancestral katana…


World of Ruin series

Shadow of the Winter King, first book of the World of Ruin series, Dragon Moon Press, May 2014. Amazon Paperback, Amazon Kindle, B&N Paperback, B&N Nook.
The last true knight of the Blood of Winter must forge an unlikely bargain with his most hated enemy to mete out justice in  a world falling to chaos and darkness.
(Subsequent books in the World of Ruin series include Shield of the Summer Prince, Mask of the Blood Queen, and Scourge of the Fallen World.)


Shield of the Summer Prince, second book of the World of Ruin series, Dragon Moon Press, November 2015. Kindle, Amazon Paperback
Two sets of heroes set out from Tar Vangr after the assault on Blood Ravalis–one south, one north. The last true prince of Blood Ravalis returns to Luether, the southern city of his birth, seeking to reclaim it once and for all from the Children of Ruin. To this end, he brings along a hero thought lost, who must face her own struggles. And little do either of them know, sinister forces plot their doom in the hot shadows of the City of Pyres.


Mask of the Blood Queen, third book of the World of Ruin series, Dragon Moon Press, March 2017. Dragon Moon Press Epub/Kindle, Amazon Kindle, Amazon Trade Paperback, B&N NookB&N Trade Paperback, Kobo
Two sets of heroes set out from Tar Vangr after the assault on Blood Ravalis–one south, one north. Regel the Oathbreaker and the mysterious assassin Mask press through the frozen wilderness, evading barbarians, living magic, and the doom of an ancient world, seeking to find refuge in the fabled Necthana, City of the Deathless. But even as the endless cold settles in, destiny beats hot in the blood, and the companions do not see eye to eye. The creature called Mask has a different agenda, one that will shake the World of Ruin to its moldering foundations.

Scourge of the Broken World, fourth book of the World of Ruin series, Dragon Moon Press, Estimated release: late 2020, from Dragonmoon Press. Kindle, Amazon paperback
The battlelines are drawn and barbarians march toward Tar Vangr, last civilized mage-city of the fallen Calatite Empire. Can the forces of justice prevail, or will the world fall once again into utter ruin?


“Apostle of the Crimson Destroyer: A Tale of the World of Ruin,” Chronicles of the Demon Lord, Schwalb Entertainment, November 2016 (Schwalb Ent, DriveThruRPG)
The stubborn and unbroken leader of a frontier town’s militia faces an invasion of barbarian forces that cannot be repelled. She must find the leader, rally whatever warriors remain, fight back, and save those she can. But first, she must find a way to survive. And later, get revenge.


“King’s Shield,” Women in Practical Armor, Evil Girlfriend Media, Fall 2016. Kindle, Paperback
Twenty years before the action of Shadow of the Winter King, Ovelia witnesses the birth of Lenalin’s first child and must immediately make a terrible choice: rescue the prince, as is her duty, or rescue her dear friend the princess, as her heart tells her. Featuring a very familiar, terrifying antagonist! (Back the WOMEN IN PRACTICAL ARMOR anthology today!)

“Angel of Tears,” BLACKLIST e-book anthology, companion to BLACKGUARDS from Ragnarok Publications, Spring 2015.
After the fall of the Winter King but before the main action of Shadow of the Winter King, Serris seeks to rescue her master, Regel the King’s Shadow, from an unseemly pact with a foul new master. Brute force will not win the day, but the Circle of Tears is known for its treachery, and Serris is the Circle’s queen.

“Hunger of the Blood Reaver: A Tale of the World of Ruin,” When the Villain Comes Home, Dragon Moon Press, August 2012. (Amazon, Kindle)
“Which is the greater tragedy? That you have all that power and do not use it, or you think you can stop yourself?”

“Oathbreaker: A Tale of the World of Ruin,” When the Hero Comes Home, Dragon Moon Press, June 2011.
Fifteen years before Shadow of the Winter King, Regel finds that some fates cannot be undone, and some oaths cannot be broken.


Forgotten Realms

Downshadow, Wizards of the Coast, April 2009. (Collected in Ed Greenwood Presents Waterdeep, Book 1 omnibus, July 2011.) (Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Audible Audiobook edition)
Shadowbane, a thief turned paladin, seeks to bring justice to Waterdeep’s underworld. He struggles with dangers both within and without, but it is a fateful meeting with a certain blue-haired wizard with a missing past who will define his path…


Shadowbane, Wizards of the Coast, September 2011 (sequel to Downshadow). (KindleNookKobo, Audible Audiobook Edition)
In search of his new friend and seeking to turn over a new leaf, Shadowbane travels to Luskan, the city of his birth. There, he faces brutal gangs, foul magic, and a spreading, abyssal plague…



Shadowbane: Eye of Justice, Wizards of the Coast, September 2012 (sequel to Shadowbane). (Kindle, Nook, Audible Audiobook Edition)
Shadowbane returns to Westgate to find the squire he left behind, and faces far greater threats than he could have imagined.

Not the least of which are other powerful, spellscarred folk who have their own dark agenda…


Depths of Madness, Wizards of the Coast, March 2007. (Kindle, Nook, Audible Audiobook Edition)
Their different paths led them to the same end, but can they work together to survive? Especially with a traitor in their midst?

(Featuring the first novel appearance of the Fox-at-Twilight!)


Ghostwalker, Wizards of the Coast, December 2005. (Kindle, Nook, Audible Audiobook Edition)
Three knights of Silverymoon investigate a series of disappearances in the remote forest village of Quaervarr, where blood stains the hands of the powerful and noble. But the spirit of vengeance will not be denied.

For not all who die rest easy, and retribution comes for all evil men.


FREE DOWNLOAD: “Heir of Shadowbane,” web publication (, Wizards of the Coast, September 2012.
Set shortly before the events of Downshadow, Kalen Dren faces violence and treachery on the mean streets of Westgate.

FREE DOWNLOAD: “Chosen of the Sword: A Shadowbane Novella,” online publication (by permission from Wizards of the Coast), August 2011.
Set between Downshadow and Shadowbane, Kalen Dren trains the young Vaelis to take up his sword . . . until tragedy strikes.

“Body in a Bag,” Realms of the Dead, Wizards of the Coast, January 2010.
A Forgotten Realms romantic comedy. With ghouls.

FREE DOWNLOAD: “The Last Legend of Gedrin Shadowbane,” web publication (, Wizards of the Coast, April 2009.
A legendary paladin reaches the end of his road, and bequeaths his quest to another. Will the youth be worthy?

“A New Purpose: A Shadowbane Tale,” Wizards of the Coast, September 2011. (Included in the enhanced Shadowbane ebook.)
Set between the events of Downshadow and Shadowbane, Kalen Dren finds a new purpose for his life after all seems lost.

FREE DOWNLOAD: “That Time of the Tenday,” web publication (, Wizards of the Coast, March 2007.
Madness creeps upon a gathering of adventurers, a dire portent of the terror to come. (Prelude to Depths of Madness.)

“The Greater Treasure,” Realms of the Elves, Wizards of the Coast, Feb 2006.
Along with his brooding sister, the elf Yldar seeks lost relics for his people. But he finds more than he bargained for in the form of the Fox-at-Twilight. (Ilira’s first appearance!)

FREE DOWNLOAD: “Wayfarer,” web publication (, Wizards of the Coast, December 2005.
A boy witnesses a terrible deed and must learn to accept the darkness of life if he is to struggle on.

“The Hunting Game,” Realms of the Dragons II, Wizards of the Coast, May 2005.
A twisted dragon hunt turns deadly.


Basil & Moebius

The pulp tales of two irascible rogues named Basil Fox (a tough Indiana Jones-type scrapper) and Alaric Moebius (a cheeky James Bond agent), who scavenge the world for eldritch artifacts at the behest of the shadowy Collector. Full of banter, adventure, and Lovecraftian horror.

“Circles,” Unfinished (February 2021, Red Circle Productions)

“The Machine,” Fresh Hells (November 2019, Red Circle Productions)

Other Works

Ghoul Island

Ghoul Island, novel based on the campaign guide for Sandy Petersen’s Cthulhu Mythos for 5e, Summer 2020, from Petersen Games.
Five would-be heroes set out to protect the Hazel’s Folly on its voyage to the fabled Farzeen, but a storm of otherworldly power scuttles any hope of an easy job. Now stranded in paradise, they find that not all is as it seems, and old grudges left to simmer begin to boil over. Darkness and rot bubbles up toward the surface, and madness looms over the island in the form of an ancient evil thought long extinct. And beneath it all, a beating, fiery heart whose course will not be denied.


Hellmaw: Blind Justice, Onder Librum (The Ed Greenwood Group), December 2015. Amazon Audio CD, Audible, ebook on Onder Librum, out of print.
When FBI profiler Maria Ruiz starts experiences visions at body dump sites–not of the murders, but of the victims committing horrendous crimes upon others–she begins to realize that creatures of great and terrible power lurk among us. Our world is their battleground–their killing field–their Hellmaw.


Scourge of the Realm, Broken Eye Books, June 2014. Amazon Paperback, Amazon Hardcover, Amazon Kindle, B&N Paperback, B&N Hardcover
The heroes who saved the realm of Iavor have grown corrupt and the land fallen to darkness under their rule. In the hopes of defeating them, Princess Sidion must seek out Lord Malagant, the very tyrant they defeated years ago.
Scourge of the Realm is a stand alone novel, though it ties in with my story “The Night Maiden,” in By Faerie Light (see below).


Serialized Fiction

Portents of RuinPortents of Ruin, Louis Porter Jr. Publishing, Summer 2018.

The wise woman Shani follows her heart and the will of her bound ancestor, and her simple kindness draws her into a series of events that will shape the destiny of the world. (Starring Satine Phoenix’s iconic character in the NeoExodus setting!)


The Fastest Blade (e-story, kindle), Louis Porter Jr. Publishing, Spring 2017.
Orsia Wentworth is a swashbuckler–fearless, feckless, and addicted to the fight. When she jumps at the chance to compete in a tournament to face the finest warrior of a generation, she finds herself in over her head.


Grit for Hire (e-story, kindle), Louis Porter Jr. Publishing, Winter 2015-16.
For sardonic gunslinger Freja, the job seemed easy enough, but in raiding the ancient crypt, she finds more than she bargained for–and maybe more than she can shoot her way out of.


Proper Villains (free e-story), Paizo Publishing, Fall 2012. 4-part webstory set.
The smooth-tongued bard Tarrant has talked his way out of troubles before. Can he and a gang of villains like himself pull off the heist of the century?


Short Stories:

“Always a Mistake,” Sisterhood of the Blade, Battlefield Press, December 2018.
Three women warriors from various walks of life defend the French monarchy against all threats, foreign and domestic. One for all, all for one!

“The Highroad Heist,” Awakened II, Samurai Sheepdog, November 2016. Kindle, Amazon paperback
A tale of Dex and Syn. A thief and her awakened ferret break into a minter’s tower to steal the greatest treasure in the kingdom, but what they find surprises them.

“Dr. Circe and the Shadow over Swedish Innsmouth,” That Ain’t Right: Historical Accounts of the Miskatonic Valley, DefCon One Publishing, August 2014. Kindle, Amazon paperback.
Dr. Circe takes a trip to investigate strange genetic anomalies in a little town called Innsmouth. What could go wrong? (Tie-in to TEAR THE EARTH ASUNDER.)

“Before Death, Retribution,” Iron Kingdoms Excursions: Season 1, Volume 6, Privateer Press, July 2014.
A quick story set in the Iron Kingdoms/Warmachine world of Immoren, about an Iosan mage hunter who will stop at nothing to accomplish her mission. Brutal, violent, and raw.

“The Mage Hunter’s Judgment” (Iron Kingdoms fiction), Called to Battle: Vol 1, Privateer Press, September 2013.
The deadly Iosan hunter Narn has spent a century slaying human mages, but even he has never faced a magic so terrible as this.

“The Night Maiden,” By Faerie Light, Broken Eye Books, December 2013.
A man desperate to protect his niece from rampaging monsters leads them both down a path that will change their lives forever.

“Matchless Grace,” The Awakened, Dark Quest Books, December 2013.
Prophesied from a young age to save his people from the Beast, Zoen finds strength in the least likely of places.

“Blood Devil,” Use Enough Gun, Emby Press, July 2013. (Amazon, KindleB&N, Kobo)
He thought the devil that killed his daughter and destroyed his family was dead. He thought wrong.

“Haunted,” Dangers Untold, Alliteration Ink, October 2012.
We are all haunted by our mistakes. But what of the man who cannot forget a single moment of his life?

Tess: A Modern Woman Faithfully Represented,”, April 2012.
A modern woman destroyed by religious intolerance (based on Thomas Hardy’s Tess of the D’Urbervilles).

“Ten Thousand Cold Nights,” Human for a Day, DAW, December 2011.
Rage, hatred, vengeance, all forged into a single sword, brought to life for one terrible day.

FREE DOWNLOAD: “The Final Seal: Dante Collins versus the End of the World,” The Edge of Propinquity e-zine, December 2011 (final issue).
A boy who can see demons talks with Death. Guest-starring the Four Horsemen.

“The Frigate Lieutenant’s Woman,” Space Tramps: Full-Throttle Space Tales #5, Flying Pen Press, September 2011.
A space freighter pilot lives a solitary existence, never seeing another soul. Until one day, he meets her.

“Desperate Housewolves,” The Beast Within 2: Predators and Prey, Graveside Tales, July 2011.
Boy meets girl. Girl turns out to be a werewolf. Boy is in big trouble.

“Dr. Circe and the Separatist Man Cheetahs,” Growing Dread: Biopunk Visions, Timid Pirate Publishing, February 2011.
A crazy bio-weapons specialist. Confederate Man Cheetahs. Shenanigans. (Tie-in to Tear the Earth Asunder.)

“Witch Fire,” Beauty Has Her Way, Dark Quest Books, January 2011.
Morgan was looking for a vacation. She found a mission, enchanted tattoos, and a crazy religious fanatic with a vendetta. (Tie-in to Tear the Earth Asunder.)

“Racing Lights,” Close Encounters of the Urban Kind, Apex Publishing, April 2010.
There’s a story about the lights on the road: no one ever races them and wins.


Game Design:


Pathfinder Lost Omens: Legends“, Paizo, 2020, editor.

Pathfinder: Extinction Curse: Siege of the Dinosaurs“, Paizo, 2020, editor.


ghoul-island-coverYig Snake Grandaddy“, campaign for Sandy Petersen’s Cthulhu Mythos for 5e, Petersen Games, 2020, editor.

Ghoul Island“, campaign for Sandy Petersen’s Cthulhu Mythos for 5e, 2019, Petersen Games, 2020, editor.




sandy-petersens-cthulhu-mythosSandy Petersen’s Cthulhu Mythos for 5e,” Petersen Games, 2019, editor. Petersen Games.

“Sandy Petersen’s Cthulhu Mythos for Pathfinder,” Petersen Games, 2017, editor. Petersen Games.

Rules and mechanics for using the Lovecraftian Mythos in your 3.5/Pathfinder or 5e D&D games!

“The Witching Wood,” Shadow of the Demon Lord starting adventure, Schwalb Entertainment, 2016, author. DriveThruRPG

Red Aegis: Core Rulebook,” Vorpal Games, 2016, creative consultant, contributing author.

Iron Kingdoms: Unleashed: Core Rulebook,” Privateer Press, 2015, contributing author. DriveThruRPG

Bad Moon Rising,” Privateer Press, 2015, primary author. DriveThruRPG


Dungeons & Dragons Game Design

“Backdrop: Westgate,” Dungeons and Dragons Insider, Dragon 428, Wizards of the Coast, 2013. DriveThruRPG

“Elves with Dark Designs: The Fey’ri: Faerun’s Hidden Threat,” Dungeons and Dragons Insider, Dungeon #208, Wizards of the Coast, November 2012. DriveThruRPG

Against the Matriarchs,” Dungeons and Dragons Insider, Wizards of the Coast, July 2012.

Scourges of Lolth,” Dungeons and Dragons Insider, Wizards of the Coast, July 2012.

Neverwinter Campaign Guide, Wizards of the Coast, August 2011. Contributing author. DriveThruRPG

“The Lost Crown of Neverwinter,” D&D Encounters Season 6, Wizards of the Coast, August 2011. Primary author. DriveThruRPG

“Gates of Neverdeath,” Neverwinter Gameday adventure, Wizards of the Coast, August 2011. Primary author.

Shadowfell: Gloomwrought and Beyond boxed set, Wizards of the Coast, May 2011. Contributing author. DriveThruRPG

“Halaster’s Lost Apprentice,” Encounters Season 1, Wizards of the Coast, Spring 2010. Primary author. DriveThruRPG

Channel Divinity: Tymora,” Dungeons & Dragons Insider, Wizards of the Coast, June 2010. Primary author.

Dungeons & Dragons Domain of Dread: Histhaven (Roleplaying Game Supplement), Wizards of the Coast, 2011. Primary author.

Plane Above: Secrets of the Astral Sea, Wizards of the Coast, April 2010. Contributing author. DriveThruRPG

“Halaster’s Lost Apprentice,” D&D Encounters Season 1, Wizards of the Coast, March 2010. Primary author. DriveThruRPG

“Beneath the Lonely Tower,” PHB3 D&D Gameday, Wizards of the Coast, March 2010. Primary author.

Channel Divinity: Champions of Torm,” Dungeons & Dragons Insider, Wizards of the Coast, November 2009. Shared authorship with Eytan Bernstein.

Eye of Justice,” Dungeons & Dragons Insider, Wizards of the Coast, October 2009. Shared authorship with Eytan Bernstein.

“Warlocks of the Realms” (parts 1 and 2), Wizards of the Coast, March 2007. Shared authorship with Eytan Bernstein.

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