Buy A Book!

Well met, fair readers!

Obtaining my books is easy enough on Amazon, but tracking me down at a convention isn’t always so easy. Want a signed Erik Scott de Bie book of your very own? Well, you’re in luck. 🙂

Buying and Shipping Process:

1) Check out my current stock (and prices) below.

2) If you see something you want, use the Contact form below and identify:
a) Name, email, shipping address (specifically street, city, state/province, zip/mail code, country)
b) the book(s) you want,
c) any particular message you want

(Examples include: “For Ed”, “To Filfaeril, with Love”, “To Artemis, please don’t kill me”, “Something creative!”, etc).

3) Assuming I have the stock, I’ll email you and we’ll set up an exchange: your monies over paypal, my book and signature through the mail.

4) I’ll mail the package off to you at my next available opportunity (usually within a day or two).

It’s just that easy.

The details of shipping: I use the US Postal Service, and unless you want to pay for expedited shipping, it’s $10 shipping/handling to a US destination (more if you buy a LOT of books, i.e. more than 4-5, and more for international shipping) and takes about a week.


TPB Shadow of the Winter King (Book 1 of the World of Ruin) $20 (only a couple in stock)

TPB Shield of the Summer Prince (Book 2 of the World of Ruin) $20

AB Hellmaw: Blind Justice $40 (only a couple in stock)

HC Scourge of the Realm $30 (only a couple in stock)

TPB Scourge of the Realm $20 (only a couple in stock)

MMPB Depths of Madness (Forgotten Realms) (out of print) $10

MMPB Realms of the Elves (Forgotten Realms) (out of print) $10

MMPB Realms of the Dead (Forgotten Realms) (out of print) $10

TPB: Trade Paperback
MMPB: Mass-Market Paperback
HC: Hardcover
AB: Audiobook

Don’t see the ESdB book you want? Feel free to contact me on FB or through this form to inquire. I’ll try and point you in the right direction to find it. I occasionally have some rare stock that I don’t advertise on this page, either.

Have the book, need a signature? If, on the other hand, you have a much loved paper copy of anything I’ve written and want my signature, contact me through the form below and we’ll work it out. 🙂