The Shadowbane Series

Grab an e-reader and get ready, because Kalen Dren, Champion of a Dead God, is about to rock your fantasy world.



The Shadowbane Series tells the story of Kalen Dren, a thief turned paladin chosen by Helm, the long-dead God of Guardians, to fight darkness in the world. With his divinely-blessed sword Vindicator, Shadowbane dons dark leathers and haunts the rough streets of city after city, punishing the guilty and meting out justice where there is none.

Cursed with a numbing disease that slowly consumes his capacity for sensation, he can push himself harder and faster than other men, fearless of pain. As he wages his one-man crusade against evil, he unlocks deeper power and strength within himself, faces loss and trial, and finds and pursues love. All these things he must reconcile against the demands of his divine patron, whose face he has never seen.

Who are the Characters?

Kalen “Shadowbane” Dren:Wielder of the powerful artifact sword Vindicator, bearer of a magical curse that gradually strips him of pain and pleasure. Mild mannered guardsman by day, vigilante paladin by night, chosen servant of a dead god at all times. Kalen constantly walks a razor line between the noble path of the knight he strives to be, and the darker pragmatism of the thief he once was. Helm, dead god of guardians, demands stringent service from him, but what if the cost is more than he can pay?

Myrin Darkdance: Mysterious wizard with no memory, heir to terrifying magical power. Bearer of a sovereign spellscar that draws all others to it, possessed of an overpowering need to help the poor and weak around her. Myrin is on a quest to fix the broken world around her and uncover the secrets of her forgotten past. When she touches others, she steals their magic and sometimes their memories, if those memories concern her. In time, she will find herself again, but what if she doesn’t like what she finds?

Fayne, the Trickster of Waterdeep: Professional character assassin and con artist, cloaked in illusion and lies. Impossible to outwit or upset, bearer of a secret and eternal enmity. A creature that is both demon and elf lurks beneath Fayne’s carefully constructed identity, and beneath those, a full and passionate heart. Will love for her friends let her finally come out of hiding, or will she forsake all she holds dear for a chance to avenge herself?

Lady Ilira “Fox-at-Twilight” Nathalan: Liar and thief, swashbuckler and assassin. Her past is the stuff of legends, her present as dangerous as a drawn blade.  Unable to touch anyone for fear of burning their flesh, Ilira lives out her many centuries impossibly alone even in a crowd. There comes a time in her life when she cannot keep running from her enemies, but must instead turn to face them.


Read the Shadowbane series (in chronological order):

“The Last Legend of Gedrin Shadowbane” (free e-story)

“Sword of Shadowbane” (prologue to SB: EOJ, sample chapter—don’t read chapter 1!)

“Heir of Shadowbane” (free e-story)

Book 1: Downshadow (WizardsKindleNookKobo)

Chosen of the Sword” (free e-novella)

“A New Purpose” (story included in the Shadowbane bundle, AFTER the main book–see table of contents)

Book 2: Shadowbane (WizardsKindleNookKobo)

Book 3: Shadowbane: Eye of Justice(WizardsKindleNookKobo)  (note the prologue is set between “The Last Legend of Gedrin Shadowbane” and “Heir of Shadowbane”)

Book 4: Shadowbane: Kingdom of Night (working title) — This book is not (yet) contracted by Wizards of the Coast. I include it here in order to fuel speculation.🙂



P.S. Ask Kalen your questions!

11 thoughts on “The Shadowbane Series

    • Heir of Shadowbane is just the prologue of SHADOWBANE: EYE OF JUSTICE, so you should be able to read it there.

      I’ll see if there’s a link to the sample anywhere and get back to you.



    • Well, Troy Denning is supposed to have another novel coming out one of these days, but WotC is indeed limiting its authors just at the moment. I’d love to publish the fourth Shadowbane novel at some point . . .


  1. Just finishing my fourth read through of the series so far and i’m enjoying it just as much as my first read. I cannot wait for the continuation. Fingers crossed, hoping it’s soon.


  2. A fantastic series + one of the best I have found & purchased on my ebook + Audible, it’s also the series that got me into Wizards of the Coast novels.
    I really hope Wizards of the Coast will finally move forward with Book 4: Shadowbane: Kingdom of Night.


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