Blind Justice: A Novel of Hellmaw

Demons walk among us. Unseen but not unfelt.

They are not the fiends of our mythologies and nightmares, though they may have inspired those stories.

They are not human. They do not care for our petty politics or feelings.

To them, we are cattle. We are food.

This earth is not ours. It is theirs.

It is their Hellmaw.


The third novel in the Hellmaw setting, Blind Justice is a collision between urban fantasy and police procedural–like Criminal Minds with daemons–wrapped around a message about an evil that is very distinctly human. The villains are so vile because they are real–they are us.

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Even without eyes, she knows you better than you know yourself–and she will punish you for your sins.


A FBI profiler, Maria has seen it all–the depths of human depravity and evil, the horrible things that people can and will do to each other–and it has taken its toll on her. Her marriage is in shambles, she deals with anxiety issues, and she increasingly doesn’t know who to trust. Then at a dump site site of two teenage boys, she has a vivid vision–not of the crime, nor of the killer, but of the victims perpetrating a heinous assault of their own. As she investigates the misdeeds of a string of victims, she begins to realize she is on the trail of a vigilante, one who may not be entirely wrong . . . or entirely human.

Over their bloody dance, killer and pursuer grow closer, the daemon-granted visions more vivid, and Ruiz can’t help but understand how and why these murders are taking place. When the time comes, the question will not be whether she can stop the killer, but whether she should–and whether she will.


One of an order of daemons dispatched to the Hellmaw to hunt down and exterminate dangerous Araurrans and political rivals, Seraph has never failed to dispatch a target. Name even the most dangerous Araurran, and it will die without fail before the Justicar’s blade. Though she has no eyes, Seraph can see inside anyone’s heart and soul, knowing with certainty not only how to kill any target, but also whether it is deserving of death.

Then something happens to change her, and she turns her thirsting blade against the human cattle that surround her in the Hellmaw. Her quest leaves a string of bodies, seemingly dissimilar, but sharing one very important, very terrible trait in common.


The first setting out from the brand new Ed Greenwood Group, Hellmaw is an urban fantasy setting wherein daemons (that’s with an “a,” mind you) from another world (Araunt) have been dwelling among us for thousands of years, living and killing and enjoying themselves immensely.

It used to be a slow trickle of immigrants from Araunt to the Hellmaw–killers (the worst sin on that world) and other criminals, anyone deemed too dangerous to remain–but recent political strife has seen a vastly expanded flow of otherwise innocent Araurrans. It is only a matter of time before we humans discover the daemons among us–but what can we do?


Excerpt in Amazing Stories magazine

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Companion Stories: (links forthcoming!)

“A New Injustice”: Witness the triggering event that set Seraph on her bloody path.

“Eyes Wide Open”: In the aftermath of the darkest case of her life, Ruiz tries to come to terms with her new normal . . . if she can.


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