Free Stuff

Alert: Free Exclusive Erik Scott de Bie Web Content!

Here, I’ve collected all things clickable, free, and fun that you can browse to in order to check out my writing, all of it completely free. I have several free short stories here, as well as some game design work I’ve done.

Check back every month or so–who knows when there will be new stuff? :)(Did I mention this is all free?)

Serialized Fiction

The Fastest Blade (e-story, kindle), Louis Porter Jr. Publishing, Spring 2017.
Orsia Wentworth is a swashbuckler–fearless, feckless, and addicted to the fight. When she jumps at the chance to compete in a tournament to face the finest warrior of a generation, she finds herself in over her head.



Grit for Hire (free e-story), Louis Porter Jr. Publishing, Winter 2015-16, 4-part webstory set.
For sardonic gunslinger Freja, the job seemed easy enough, but in raiding the ancient crypt, she finds more than she bargained for–and maybe more than she can shoot her way out of.



Proper Villains (free e-story), Paizo Publishing, Fall 2012. 4-part webstory set.
The smooth-tongued bard Tarrant has talked his way out of troubles before. Can he and a gang of villains like himself pull off the heist of the century?

Short Fiction:

Some of these are sample chapters, some are companion stories I wrote to go alongside my novels. You can read them before, during, or after the novel in question, and you don’t have to read the novel at all to enjoy any of these stories!


Westgate Campaign Guide Samples  (5e):

Check out these samples from my forthcoming Westgate Campaign Guide! These pieces were formerly available only to my patrons over on my Patreon, where I regularly post design samples like this.

Note that these are *drafts* and may very well change before they show up in the actual campaign guide. 🙂

  • Shadows over Westgate: About Ilira Nathalan and Shadowdancers, a new archetype for rogues
  • Legacy of the Blue Fire: About Myrin and Spellthieves, a new sorcerous origin for sorcerers. (It’s a little bonkers, I know!)
  • The Golden Coven: About Lilten, Sorrow, and Fayne, some of the wheelers and dealers of Westgate’s underbelly


Character Writeups (3.5e and 4e):

Below are a number of links to personal, non-canonical (with one exception!) character writeups of the characters from my books. Thanks to Tom Costa and Eytan Bernstein for collaborating with me on these!

Audio Recordings

A couple pieces by me have been recorded in some pretty snazzy audiobook style files. Check ’em out!