JUSTICE/VENGEANCE is an ongoing, multi-media superhero story that I’m telling. I’ve slowly been publishing fiction that ties into the universe and plan eventually to release a comic book about the adventures of Lady Vengeance, A-Girl, and Orestes. I conceived the characters back in college (over ten years ago now), the story has taken inspiration from seminal works of comic brilliance by Kelly Sue DeConnick (Captain Marvel, Bitch Planet, Pretty Deadly), Brian Michael Bendis (Powers), and Robert Kirkman (Invincible).

Pozas lady_vengeance final.jpg

Lady Vengeance, by Claudio Pozas

Published Stories and where to find them!

“Vengeance on the Layover,” Cobalt City Timeslip, Timid Pirate, October 2010.
Lady Vengeance has been up for almost 24 hours on a plane. She needs a drink. And maybe to pound a supervillain.

“Eye for an Eye,” novella in Cobalt City Double Features, Timid Pirate, July 2012. (KindleBundle from Timid Pirate)
A restlessly retired Stardust meets Lady Vengeance, who is on the run from a vengeful former ally. Can he defuse the situation before Cobalt City burns around him?

“Angels of Mercy,” Triumph over Tragedy, Terrene Press, January 2013. (Amazon)
A chance encounter in a bar goes from bad to worse, and thousands of lives are on the line. Can Lady Vengeance and A-Girl rise to the challenge?

“The Curse of the Bambino,” This Mutant Life: Bad Company, Kalamity Press, October 2013.
Lady Vengeance has two rules: 1) Never get involved with a stripper. 2) Particularly if she has luck powers.

“Queen of Demons,” Monster Hunter: The Good Fight, Emby Press, June 2015.
A demon wanders into Vivienne Cain’s bar, bent on revenge and mayhem. Must be Tuesday.

“Baggage,” Shadowed Souls, Roc, November 2016. Audible, Kindle, Paperback
Vivienne Cain–once the controversial superhero Lady Vengeance–doesn’t make a lot of friends, not with the demons that pursue her constantly. Here’s why.


A-Girl, by Claudio Pozas

Who are these characters?

Here’s the brief run-down.

The Jaded Veteran: Lady Vengeance

Vivienne Cain is a retired superhero/former supervillain, the black sheep of the superhero community and former celebrity counter-culture It-girl, whose career ended on a tragic note, when most of her team (Supergroup) was killed in a surprise attack by their united rogue’s gallery. To most of the world, Lady V is missing, presumed dead. That hasn’t stopped her nemesis/former lover, The Raven III (Antonio DeSantes, the third hero to wear that mantle, a high-tech vigilante) from doing all in his power to find her. She currently lives in Seattle, where she runs a bar and tries to live below the radar. Unfortunately, her powers make her a magnet to demons, and she has struggled with possession and being hunted all her life. A high-functioning alcoholic, she drinks to numb her empathic powers.

Her power set is empathic projection: she absorbs emotional energy from those around her (particularly fear) and uses it in one of three ways: 1) creating quasi-real objects (i.e. fearswords, armor, etc), 2) empowering herself (strength, speed, durability, etc), or 3) conjuring an image of what a person fears most (either by turning into that thing or putting the fear in the person’s mind).

Torres LadyVengence_Final_Large.jpg

Lady Vengeance, by Carmen Torres

The Glamorous Celebrity: A-Girl

Angel is a young, up-and-coming superheroine, just recently graduated from high school and keen to make a name for herself on the world’s stage. She is immature, untrained, clumsy, and extremely powerful, a combination that causes as much collateral damage as it prevents crime. Technically Lady V’s niece, A-Girl is the daughter of the famous Supergroupers The Raven and Athena (Lady V’s former lover and sister respectively). With such a powerful legacy to uphold, the pressure on her is immense, and the modern world of social media is a daunting place to navigate, what with her fledgling music career and struggle to be taken seriously as an actress…

Her power set is similar to her mother Athena’s: enhanced strength, speed, stamina, flight, and nigh-invulnerability. She has limited energy absorption abilities, but they are wild and largely untested.


A-Girl, by Regina Legaspi

The Wild Card: Orestes

Marcus Orestes is a pre-law student at the University of Washington who never knew his birth parents. When he meets his biological mother, dying of cancer, and learns that his father was the legendary hero Justice, leader of Supergroup, Orestes finds himself on a wild path of self-discovery leading him to a great destiny. If only all the robots, ninjas, zombies, supervillains, and his own allies don’t accidentally kill him first!

His power set is unknown as yet, but includes enhanced intuition (i.e. he can see the solution to a problem without knowing why), limited flight, and the occasional bit of energy projection (lightning).


Orestes, by Ian Llanas

Justice/Vengeance Comic?

Someday! I wrote and commissioned art for the first issue of LIBATIONS FOR THE DEAD, the first arc of the Justice/Vengeance comic. I just lack the funds to get more off the ground, but that won’t always be the case.

If a Justice/Vengeance comic is something you’d like to see, drop me a line (Twitter is best: #erikscottdebie), and we’ll see what we can do.