Persona RPG

This is the one-stop hub for details about my ongoing tabletop campaign based on Atlus’s popular and compelling Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series!

(This page is in progress, and more will be here as I have time to fill it out.)

First, check out the Basics.

Here are the character write-ups (in progress!)

The characters in italics are player characters.

0. The Fool: Buddy the Kitsune

I. The Magician: Jimmy Calendar

II. The High Priestess: Janna Blair

III. The Empress: Claire Andersen

IV: The Emperor: Brent Blair

V: The Hierophant: ????

VI. The Lovers: Sayeed Ahriman

VII. The Chariot: Wayne Iori

VIII: The Justice: ????

IX: The Hermit: Malala Ahriman

X: The Fortune: Yukari Takeba-Cruz

XI. The Strength: Zachary Beathan

XII. The Hanged Man: Callista “Lisa” Matthews

XIII. The Death: Timothy Brothers

XIV. The Temperance: Laura

XV. The Devil: Uki Uehara

XVI: The Tower: ????

XVII. The Star: Yumi Kujikawa

XVIII: The Moon: ????

XIX: The Sun: ????

XX: The Judgement: ????

XX: The Aeon: ????

XXI: The World: Seattle, the Emerald City