Erik Scott de Bie is a 30-something speculative fiction author and game designer.

He has published ten novels to date, including novels in the storied Forgotten Realms, his World of Ruin epic fantasy setting (the fourth of which, Scourge of the Broken World, will come out in 2019), as well as stand-alone novels for Broken Eye Books (Scourge of the Realm) and the Ed Greenwood Group (Blind Justice).

His short work has appeared in numerous anthologies and online, and he is the author of the multimedia superhero project, Justice/Vengeance (including fiction, spoken word, and comics).

In his work as a game designer, he has contributed to products from such companies as Wizards of the Coast and Privateer Press, and he was a lead creative consultant on Red Aegis from Vorpal Games.

He lives in Seattle with his wife, cats, chickens, and dog. 

12 thoughts on “About

    • There are currently plans for FOUR books in the World of Ruin series.
      Book 3 is called MASK OF THE BLOOD QUEEN, and I’m hoping to publish it by the end of 2016.


  1. Hi. Enjoyed Baggage in Shadowed Souls. Good, interesting, uniquely enjoyable. I listened to the audiobook and would enjoy listening to more Lady Venegeance, especially if by the same narrator whose voice really worked for me as the character’s voice. Who was the narrator?


    • I’m not sure, actually. I haven’t heard the audiobook version myself. I’ll see if I can get tat information.

      Glad you enjoyed!


  2. Hi, Dan here. Actually I’m married to your old Junior High teacher, Ms. R (Social Sci). I read your story “Baggage” in Jim Butcher & Kerrie L. Hughes “Shadowed Sounds” anthology and loved it. Got any more with Vivienne Cain?


  3. Erik,
    Wanted to say thank you for your work on the Neverwinter Setting book. I have been running a campaign for 2.5 years now in that setting and we have had a blast.


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