Male vs. Female Armor

I recently happened across a fellow who seemed to have no idea about the decades-worth of issues regarding the depiction of male character vs. female characters, or the male gaze concept, or anything of the sort. Odd to me that someone could read in the genre and not know even a little about this, but hey, it’s a big world.

The discussion produced a series of links that I think might be worth checking out. They range from the amusing to the poignant to the thoughtful, making the same point through logic and comedy.



Female Armor Sucks from College Humor

Time to Retire Boobplate from

What is the Male Gaze? from Wikipedia

Longing for the Male Gaze, from the New York Times

The Battle Against Sexist Scifi/Fantasy Covers, from the BBC

Shortpacked!, by David Willis

10 Stupid Arguments People Use to Defend Comic Book Sexism, Pinterest page

Striking a Pose, by Jim Hines

Follow-up to Striking a Pose, by Jim Hines

Cracked on Final Fantasy (see #2)

A Guide to Video Games False Equivalence, by Anna Megill


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