Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice League Alliance

So, I saw the laborious titled BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE yesterday. I’m sure anything I’ve got to say about it has been said elsewhere, better or worse, so I’ll only mention four things:

Firstly, I’d say about 70% of the time watching the movie, I found it entertaining and worth watching.

Secondly, before I saw the movie, I thought this internet meme was just a joke:


Totally legit plot device.

Thirdly, Wonder Woman was underused (though I expected her to be much less used, knowing Snyder’s work), but she was still my favorite part of that movie.

And finally, watching the movie put me in mind of the game I’ve always wanted to play, which is called DC: JUSTICE LEAGUE ALLIANCE, a variant of the Facebook game, MARVEL: AVENGERS ALLIANCE, which I play to the detriment of my writing output and my sanity (stupid PvP).

Specifically, if there were a game similar to this (basically a Final Fantasy style strike team of superheroes taking turns unleashing powers to defeat enemies) for DC, I would play the shiznit out of it in a heartbeat. Also? MAA seems to have been pretty good for promoting Marvel’s movies (as if they need the help), so maybe it’s something DC should look into. But I digress.

In the spirit of designing said game, I’m going to offer a couple notes about prominent DC characters and how they might work in a MAA style game, because it’s super fun. If you’re not familiar with the glorious time waster that is Marvel Avengers Alliance, you might want to check it out, or perhaps just flee, flee, flee for the sake of your productivity and free time. 🙂


Your three principal characters that you start with in the game.

SUPERMAN: Supes I see thematically similar to Hyperion (basically Marvel’s version of the character, complete with his own weirdness to make him edgy, etc), but mechanically not all that different from most bruisers in MAA. So he’s class blue, with variant costumes that are generalist (gray) and blaster (red). He’s flying, obviously, and his health, attack, and defense are naturally very high. I think he has a passive 20% chance to evade physical attacks (faster than a speeding bullet). His L1 is a strike of his mighty fists (combo setup and probably incapacitated), his L2 a blast of his eye rays, his L6 a flying tackle that might stun an opponent, and his L9 a move where he flies an opponent into space, throws them into the sun, something like that (with the near fatal condition). Kind of a mechanical mix between Hyperion and Jessica Jones, really.

BATMAN: Bats I see primarily as a tactician (green), but his L2 should shift him to infiltrator (purple) or scrapper (yellow), so that he can shift styles on the fly. Not unlike Moon Knight, but rather than it being random (denoting insanity), it’s planned (denoting strategy and preparation). His L1 should be a physical attack of some kind, like Black Widow’s martial arts. His L6 should be a multi-function utility kit power, letting him do at least three things: 1) smoke bomb (similar to the Punisher’s smoke bomb that grants an evasion chance to all allies), 2) batarangs (incapacitation, stagger), 3) grapple gun (webbed and combo setup). His L9 should be some awesome swoop-slam thing that exploits the various things he can do to an enemy. So he’s kind of a combo Moon Knight and Punisher, which makes a lot of sense.

Alternate uniform for Bats would be his armored battle suit, which is a Bruiser base but can shift into Scrapper or Blaster, doing slightly different things.

WONDER WOMAN: Either scrapper (yellow) or bruiser (blue) with alternate costumes that are generalist and whichever of those we didn’t pick for her base class. She functions a bit like Wolverine, often jumping in the way to deflect incoming attacks, and is thematically similar to Sif (down to the berserking passive that joins in on attacks or counters attacks against allies). She has a passive which allows her to reflect ranged attacks–like the damn Dark Energy Blade does, interrupting and inflicting some damage back on the attacker. She has a sword for her L1, the lasso for her L2 (causing pressure points), a flying charge for her L6, and heck, an invisible plane strike for her L9. Because why not. It would be cool to work in the throwing tiara somewhere as well. 🙂

THE FLASH: He works basically like Quicksilver does (scrapper/yellow), except that his L9 is conjuring lightning to throw at enemies rather than that stunning vortex thingy. Also at least one of his powers is called “Run, Barry, Run!”

GREEN ARROW: He works a bit like Kate Bishop, with the numerous trick arrows, at least one of which is the boxing glove arrow. Kate’s a tactician, which I guess fits for GA. Alternate costumes (which look like Steven Amell’s Arrow) are Infiltrator and Blaster.

BLACK CANARY: Scrapper (yellow). She works a bit like Black Bolt or Havok (with low level canary cries that affect all enemies and a big burst that affects one enemy). Her other two powers involve martial arts attacks, perhaps like Black Widow. She also grants passive bonuses to other Birds of Prey characters.

HARLEY QUINN: Scrapper (yellow). She’s basically just like Deadpool with different animations. 🙂

BATGIRL: Assuming we’re talking about Barbara Gordon, this would be Infiltrator (purple) with alt costumes (Batgirl of Burnside, tactician and infiltrator). Martial arts and batarangs like Batman, but her L6 and L9 are tech based. She grants a passive of combat awareness due to her Oracle level of planning and surveillance.

And so on and so forth. I’m such a geek. 🙂