Extra-Life: Get in the Game!

Tabletop Extra-life is tonight, where a bunch of us gamers get together to roll dice to raise funds for kids in need.

Watch the game on Twitch, currently in progress: https://www.twitch.tv/wotc_dnd

Looks like fun, huh? Wanna play?

Here’s how:

My rogue/paladin, SHADOWBANE, suffers from a spellscar that lets him shrug off wounds. It’s essentially not under his control, though–manifesting at times and deserting him at times.

You control this effect during the game!

Tonight (8-12 PT), YOU play #Shadowbane’s hardening spellscar. For every $5 you pledge, he gets 2 temp HP. 

Pledge more than $5? He gets more. $10 for 4. $50 for 20. Etc.


For justice and the kids!
Let’s bane some shadows together. 🙂
SHADOWBANE hails from my novel series of the same name. Check it out: https://erikscottdebie.com/bibliography/shadowbane-series/



Want a book? Orders now open!

Well met, readers and friends!

I am currently taking orders for signed books. If you haven’t been able to track me down at a signing or a convention and dearly want that book of mine signed, here’s your chance to order a signed book!

Buy a Book!

If, on the other hand, you have a much loved paper copy of anything I’ve written and want my signature, contact me through that page and we’ll work it out. 🙂