Grit for Hire: Part 1!

Who wants an early present this Holiday season? Well, that would be the first installment (1 of 4) of fiction in the NeoExodus Setting from Louis Porter, Jr.: GRIT FOR HIRE

NeoExodus - Grit for Hire

Four part fiction tale, totally free!

Freja Ilyanovka is a tough-as-nails gunslinger with red eyes and lightning reflexes. She should have known better than to take the job, but the pay seemed good, and coin is always tight for an adventurer. Besides, she hasn’t yet found a peril yet she can’t shoot her way out of.

As you might expect, she quickly gets in over her head. 🙂

(Note the sandy complexion and red eyes. As the story makes clear, I think, Freja is not what we in our world would call a “white” person–if she ever looks that way, it is due to lighting.)

Here’s some more Freja for your viewing pleasure:

Freja Days of NeoExodus Past

Inspired by the classic X-Men Days of Future Past cover, of course. 🙂 Copyright (c) Louis Porter Jr. Design

Lore nugget!

The first scene of “Grit for Hire” is a commentary on Freja’s iconic character art from the NeoExodus core rulebook (see below). Her “photographer” Milka purposefully unbuttons her jerkin in the middle so as to be as provocative as possible. Freja even gets the pose down, as the image is taken while she’s in mid-leap. Hence the reason people think of that seemingly impossible image when her name comes up. (Plus, you can catch a glimpse of ANOTHER iconic NeoExodus character who may show up later in the story!)


NeoExodus Iconics: Freja Ilyanovka the Gunslinger and Karissa the P’tan Rogue Copyright (c) Louis Porter Jr. Design


Quoth Freja herself: “No self-respecting gunslinger would ever dress like this on the job.”


Coming soon: BLIND JUSTICE!

She sees you when you’re sleeping . . .

She knows what you’re about . . .

She knows when you’ve been bad and how . . .

So you’d better watch out.


She knows you better than you know yourself–and she will punish you for it.

BLIND JUSTICE–about a daemonic vigilante who can see inside people’s souls, and the FBI agent determined to take her down–comes out at the end of this month. Open for preorders now!

Check it out on Kindle! Or Audiobook!

For more info, check out the page I created specifically for the novel!



Amazon Review Policy

It has come to my attention that Amazon is rolling out some sort of algorithm to scour book reviews of “bias” on the part of a reviewer.

From their Customer Reviews FAQ (emphasis added):

“Authors and artists can add a unique perspective and we very much welcome their customer reviews. While we encourage reviewers to share their enthusiasm and experience, there can be a fine line between that and the use of customer reviews as product promotion. We don’t allow anyone to write customer reviews as a form of promotion and if we find evidence that a customer was paid for a review, we’ll remove it. If you have a direct or indirect financial interest in a product, or perceived to have a close personal relationship with its author or artist, we’ll likely remove your review. We don’t allow authors to submit customer reviews on their own books even when they disclose their identity.”

That doesn’t sound so bad, until you start to wonder what “perceived to have a close personal relationship with its author or artist” means. Answer? Whatever Amazon wants it to mean. It is entirely at their discretion. I have heard from several reviewers (first hand from them and/or second hand from authors with similar stories from reviewers) about Amazon removing their reviews, and refusing to change their mind when the “close personal relationship” was only a social media connection.

Naturally, none of Amazon’s new policy invalidates organized smear review campaigns, so Chuck Wendig’s 50 billion 1-star reviews of AFTERMATH (courtesy of the self-proclaimed cultural police of Scifi/fantasy) will doubtless remain. Those people certainly don’t have any personal connection with the author (or with humanity), but perhaps Amazon’s algorithm will detect the similarity of the stupidity in those reviews and remove them.

They claim to have a “zero tolerance policy for any review designed to mislead or manipulate customers,” and there are thousands there on numerous books that try to give voices to minority characters and causes. Let’s see if Amazon holds to that promise.

Anyway, here’s the thing: I’ve spent the last ten years slowly building an internet presence and social media following, and I really don’t want you all to be PUNISHED for the fact that you read and like my stuff. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you shouldn’t be disallowed from reviewing my work–as though liking something means that you’re biased. That’s why people write reviews. Because they LIKE THINGS.

And what is this, “actually it’s about ethics in reviewing” hour? Gimme a break.

I love interacting with readers. That’s part of why I’m a writer. I tell stories I think people will enjoy, and I love hearing that people do enjoy them. I love hearing your suggestions, questions, and thoughts. I get excited that you get excited about my crazy ideas. This is what writing is all about for me. And to have that threatened by Amazon’s new policy–with good intentions but potentially disastrous consequences–is really, really sad.

To that end, I have disconnected my Amazon from Twitter and (to my knowledge) it’s not connected to Facebook either. If you want to review one of my books (and I hope you do!), I want you to breathe a little easier that Amazon might be a bit less likely to determine that the one or two interactions we’ve had constitutes a “close personal relationship.”

I don’t know how this is all going to shake out. It might be totally fine, but I have concerns based on experience, and we’ll just have to see.

Thank you for reading my stuff, thank you for reviewing my stuff, and happy reading, all!



An analysis piece, which may or may not be correct.

Amazon claims not to reject reviews based on social media connections, then proceeds to do exactly that.

Amazon Customer Review Guidelines

Amazon Customer Review FAQ

Shield of the Summer Prince released!

Friends! Readers!

Do you like badass women in armor with swords? How about intrigue and treachery and long overdue revenge? (And just in time for the Holidays?)


Cover Summer Prince

The long awaited sequel to SHADOW OF THE WINTER KING is now available! Currently you can only get it on Amazon, but check back later for other media.

I’d tell you more about the plot, but really, you should check out the page I created for the book!

Happy reading, and may Ruin’s eye pass from you this day–