Rise to this

There are moments in our lives that challenge us, and it is how we rise to those occasions that defines us.

In our darkest moments, we have to find the thing inside us that pushes us. That drives us. The thing that lets us go beyond ourselves and do what we never thought possible.

Rise to this.

America has spoken, and the words it has chosen have been a threat. Not only that, but a promise: of retribution for perceived slights and cruelty to answer compassion. It is unlikely we will see the collapse of the United States within the next four years, but make no mistake that this is a major step in that direction. The hopeful society that has sustained us, despite its missteps and warts and at times vileness, is unraveling. It has been for decades, and now the damage is blindingly obvious and probably irreversible. It is the backlash we knew was coming for the progress we’ve made, and it’s been an awful one.

This is the challenge of our time.

Rise to it.

Those of you who still have jobs, keep doing them. Work hard. Economic recession is coming. Prepare for it. Take care of your medical issues while you still have insurance. Save what you can.

Know your rights. Advocate for them. Protect yourselves. Protect each other.

Hate crimes will skyrocket. Racism and homophobia and misogyny and every other way awful people hate each other will run rampant. Stand up to it. If you have power and privilege and standing, it is your moral responsibility to protect those who don’t.

Do not succumb. We need you. All of you.

Rise to this.

For those privileged enough to live here, western Washington State in general and the greater Seattle area in particular remain a haven for people of tolerance and compassion. I strongly urge our state government to begin enacting refugee programs to welcome those fleeing persecution in other parts of the country and also to start building a state-run health care system for when the ACA is repealed. Many of us are in need of the protections the ACA provides, and if the federal government isn’t gonna do it, then it falls to the state. We must use the power we still have to fight for ourselves.

Art remains for us, however free it will be for as long as it will be free. I will continue writing, as you should continue creating. Humans need stories to live, let alone thrive. Bear witness to this. Chronicle this.

Endure this.



Love and hope to you all.


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